Structured cabling


Structured cabling is the common cabling system formed by twisted copper pairs, coaxial cables or optical fiber and is responsible for integrating from voice, data and video services, to control and automation systems of a building. All this in a standardized way.

We install computer networks and electrical cabling, from the installation of the rack cabinet, with all the network electronics, to each workstation.

Due to our extensive experience, Maker IT offers the installation of structured network cabling in a professional manner based on the profiles of each user and applications to be deployed on your network, we make the design that best suits your needs. Always while meeting the ISO/ EIC and TIA standards.

Our wiring installations are of high quality.

Cable Distance Maximum Velocity Connector Mhz
Cat5 100m 10/100 RJ-45 100 Mhz
Cat5e 100m 10/100/1Gb RJ-45 100 Mhz
Cat6 100m 10/100/1Gb/10Gb RJ-45 250 Mhz
Cat6a 100m 10/100/1Gb/10Gb RJ-45 500 Mhz
Cat7 100m 10/100/1Gb/10Gb Non RJ-45 500 Mhz
Cat8 100m 10/100/1Gb/10Gb RJ-45 & Non RJ-45 2000 Mhz

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