Wireless technology has come a long way in recent years, and your employees and customers don't like "service gaps".

So, it may be time to transform your infrastructure. Maker IT Global offers a full range of services to assess, design, inspect, install and initiate your wireless solution. Our team of project managers and engineers will collaborate with your IT stakeholders to design a turnkey solution according to your requirements.

Site Assessment

Our specialized service analyzes your environment (and the details of existing implementations) to address and overcome issues that interfere with coverage.

The team uses passive, active and detailed heat mapping of your environment to optimize access point positioning and configuration for new or upgraded deployments.


A network engineer will review the existing WLAN infrastructure and provide design recommendations based on the industry’s best practices. The scope may include wireless access points, wireless LAN controllers, switches, structured cabling and other devices as needed to establish a comprehensive wireless network.

Your design will include optimized wireless coverage, data rates, device capacity and quality of service.


Many companies in charge of implementing a wireless network are frustrated with finding the necessary vendors and managing project complexities.

Our project managers, engineers and trusted partners handle all aspects of installation and implementation, freeing up valuable resources to focus on the future.