Our values

We turn our customers' challenges into our own. We help them transform their business by offering them customized, innovative, profitable and sustainable solutions.

Honesty and respect are our actions’ pillars and teamwork is the engine that powers our success.

Customer care


  • Dell EMC Refurbished
  • Sun Microsystems Refurbished
  • Cisco Meraki Refurbished
  • Lenovo Refurbished
  • Fortinet Refurbished
  • Extreme Networks Refurbished
  • Brocado Refurbished
  • Aruba Networks Refurbished
  • Arista Refurbished
  • APC Refurbished
  • 3Com Refurbished
  • NetApp Refurbished
  • Dell Refurbished
  • HP Refurbished
  • IBM Refurbished
  • Juniper Networks Refurbished
  • cisco refurbished