Maker IT

Maker IT is a company, with more than 10 years of experience in the technology market. It was founded in 2018 with a firm commitment to become the best strategic partner for our customers by providing value and opportunities to increase their profitability. Our mission is to change the way of managing, maintaining and updating the network, server and storage equipment of the companies we collaborate with. We propose investments that improve the performance of each client's IT strategy and we guarantee efficiency and speed in all our services.

Our sales team responds quickly and we aim to supply to our customers within 1-3 business days.

Buying refurbished network equipment saves you a lot of money. Our discounts range from 50% to 95% off manufacturers' listing prices. With our constant focus on optimizing internal processes, we are able to offer our customers very competitive prices, as well as flexibility, a fast response time and the highest quality equipment available on the market.

Our business model is circular: we are dedicated to refurbished computer networks. Our goal is to reuse IT products that allow us to save a great amount of CO2 emissions, limiting production needs and preventing more waste.

We are the high quality, cost-effective alternative for your network.

We are part of a network of more than 2150 suppliers around the world, so it is very likely that we can purchase and deliver the exact product you need. We even guarantee delivery of equipment up to ten years after their expiration.

We are not an aggressive sales organization.
We believe in long-term partnerships and not short-term benefits.

Maker IT Global’s employees are experts with many years of experience in the Cisco field. We understand how important delivery is to you, we know it is a crucial piece of equipment for your network. A delay can be disastrous. We supply many Internet Service Providers, telecommunications organizations and multinationals with high-end equipment and therefore we understand the deadlines they work with. Our customers cannot afford downtime. When it comes to quality, all equipment is tested in our in-house test lab and complies with Maker IT Global's quality control program. We are so convinced of the quality of our products that we offer our customers a lifetime warranty on all our products, the longest warranty in the industry.