IBM is a leading manufacturer of complex and midrange servers for enterprise storage. IBM offers iSeries, pSeries and zSeries, as well as a large selection of midrange enterprise storage systems, including its DS disk storage family, TS tape storage family, XIV, Flash series and Storwize storage solutions.

Maker IT Global offers a wide range of IBM products focused on enterprises, data centers and service providers. We specialize primarily in servers and tape storage. Most equipment is available within the next business day or within 3-4 days with worldwide delivery.

We make sure that every item you receive is complete with accessories and cables that are ready to use. All equipment is reset to factory settings in our testing process.

iSeries pSeries zSeries Blade servers
N3000 N5000 N6000 N7000
V7000 P4000 EVA MSA
TS3000 series