Dell is recognized for providing cost-effective switching solutions for small businesses and branch offices. Dell's enterprise networking platforms meet the need for greater interoperability and a short learning curve. For data center and campus-wide installations, Dell switches meet communications bandwidth requirements and offer the benefits of optimized platform density and power consumption.

Maker IT Global offers a wide range of DELL products focused on enterprises, data centers and service providers. We specialize primarily in servers and storage. Most equipment is available within the next business day or within 3-4 days with worldwide delivery.

We make sure that every item you receive is complete with accessories and cables that are ready to use. All equipment is reset to factory configuration in our testing process.

Poweredge M1000E Blade Chassis and M610 M620 M630 Blade servers and components

Poweredge rack servers
R610 R620 R630 R710 R720 R720XD R730XD
S2410 S4810 S4820 N2048 N3024 N4064
S3000 S5000 S6000 6248 6520 8132
Z9000 ETC
PS4110 PS6100 PS6110 PS6210
PS6500 PS6510 PS6610 ETC
SC100 SC200 SC220 SCV2000
SC4020 SC7000 SC8000 FS8600
SC9000 SERIES 30 C40 HB-1235
MD1000 MD1200 MD3000I MD3200
MD3200I MD3600 MD3800 ETC